Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Under Construction

Hello my fellow Huggynites we're currently undertaking a full relaunch of the official C.o.M.H. blog so there's not much to see here right now but feel free to check out the links to all C.o.M.H. services.

Want to catch up on some classic A Dose of Dick or Randy's World of Hate? Well check out the official Church of Mike Huggins Archive here

Want to buy some C.o.M.H. merch? Then check out the official C.o.M.H. shop here

Want to follow us on your favourite social networking sites? Well follow us on Facebook here and Myspace here and we're also on Twitter so aim your tweets at @ADoseOfDick.

A Dose of Dick will return shortly!

Peace & Love

Dick Smalls
President of C.o.M.H.

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